Fluffiest Pancakes

I have to say, one of the regretful things about my life, is my terrible pancake flipping skills. However, this morning, I decided I would conquer the art of the pancake flip and be merry.

In the past despite my flipping disabilities, I have concocted some pretty great pancake recipes without ever writing them down; there was the oil-less pumpkin pancake, the beer pancake for excellent rising capabilities, and the obligatory chocolate pancake. However, when it comes to the best vegan pancakes, I have to say that I think Isa Chandra has covered it in this department. Seriously you guys. Don’t even try to make a better pancake than this, because it just isn’t going to work. The only slight moderation I made, is that I don’t like flax in my pancakes, so I used an egg replacer I make and keep on hand- it kind of resembles the EnerG ones. I also added some cinnamon and nutmeg. After reading all the ppk’s pancake tips, I feel as though I’m now a better person. So enjoy this picture of Benson lurking on them hard, and have a great weekend. ❤

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