(Mason Jar) Salad Days

So, I know all of my herbivore friends have been through this before. You are having a casual conversation with someone, might mention you are vegan or vegetarian. All of a sudden the tone of the whole room changes. People are apologizing to you like your aunt just died, “I’m so sorry.” Then someone asks, “Oh my god. What do you eat then?! Like….salad?!”

I hate when people ask this question like we’re so limited. OF COURSE I EAT SALAD. SALAD IS AMAZING. SALAD IS LITERALLY PUTTING WHATEVER YOU WANT INTO A BOWL AND CALLING IT A SALAD.  Seriously. A well salad concocted can contain a fine balance of vegetables and fruit, grains, and protein and fill us up for hours.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that all I want to eat ever again is salad right now, just thinking about how great it is. And I tried this trendy thing people seem to be doing right now in all the glossy magazines (VegNews included), which is stacking your salad elements in a jar.


I have to say, I recommend doing this with a wide mouthed jar, because it was a little tricksy to remove the salad from my jar at first when I actually wanted to eat it. However, it looks pretty and colourful. I am going to tell you the layers of this salad from bottom to top:

Lemon Garlic Tahini dressing 
Chickpeas (rinsed and drained)
Shredded beets
Smoked tofu (not super visible but hiding in the quinoa)
Sunflower seeds

I advise putting your salad dressing at the bottom, and then building from there. Put something heavy like carrots or another non leafy green next. You’ll want something that can handle the acidity of your dressing, and won’t wilt and be all gross. In fact, I put my leafy greens at the very top.

This large mason jar actually held enough salad for two. I put it down next to Benson for size comparison, and then he decided he wanted in on the mason jar salad trend too…
image_1358881818128929The crux of this system, is that while all your ingredients stay in tact until you wanna gorge out on some babely greens, you still probably need another dish to eat it with. So, I poured my salad into a bowl and the beets turned everything pink!

image_1358883492623873Luckily I had help to eat this monstrous thing, because there was a lot of nutrition packed into that mason jar. I think I will definitely be experimenting with this again, next time with a wide mouthed jar and even more artistry. Maybe even gloves, so my hands don’t turn pink after touching the beeeeeets! Cheers and eat salad!

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  1. eatmemeal says:

    This looks delicious! Such a great idea

  2. I’m gonna try out this recipe next! Cute logo btw.

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