Gluten Free Vegan Cupcakes

Just wanted to share some pretty photos of some gluten free, vegan cupcakes I made earlier this week! Discovered a new favourite secret ingredient to gluten free cupcakes that makes them rise beautifully…sparkling water. I am sharing this because I am really excited, but any jerks who asked me WHY I WOULD DO THAT, please don’t use this. I want you to eat sad hockey puck cupcakes forever.

I replaced half of my almond milk with them in the recipe, and ended up with the above little pretties.

Some pretty “buttercream frosting” swirls with a 1M tip, and some organic vegan sprinkles, and here we are!
I hope everyone has had a beautiful week! I have been loving the challenge of gluten free baking lately for cake orders and stuff. I would gladly accept more, if anyone has suggestions 🙂


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  1. marystestkitchen says:

    Ooh so pretty!

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