If you didn’t catch my last Things I love Thursday, don’t even worry about it, because I love so many things I have decided to include these posts more regularly. However, as you’ll notice, today is Friday because my Thursday was so busy, the hours slipped away from me and I didn’t manage to post this! Normally I would entitle this FUCK YA FRIDAY, but I figured that probably wasn’t the best idea for SEO and acting like a grown up. So now that you’re here and reading, I want you to know that secretly this post is called FUCK YA FRIDAY! And also that I am otherwise completely unapologetic for the cursing, because really, who has a better alliteration up their sleeves?!

Anyways, here are some things that I love today. Keep in mind that they are in no particular order:

1. Owls.

Probably no one is surprised at the owl love. They are definitely one of my favourite things ever. Yesterday at work I was watching videos of cute animals(as one does), and I came across this VICE piece I have never seen of an owl sanctuary in Italy. I am pretty sure that to have an owl sanctuary is now my new life goal. Or at least my contingency plan.

2. These amazing patches from retirementfund on Etsy.


After complimenting a new friend on her awesome vegan patches at the Vida Con, she directed me to Matt’s shop. I was sooo pleased not only to find some simultaneously badass and adorable animal rights patches, but also X-FILES! YESSSSS! So, props to Matt and his rad patches. I am so stoked to sew these all over my clothes and be awesome. They also came with cute little Peta2 street team stickers that aren’t pictured because I already started sticking them on everything I see. It’s like high school all over again when I picked up some “I AM NOT A NUGGET” stickers at my first Van’s Warped Tour and plastered them all over my hick town. I definitely suggest you support his shop if you are a fan of cool things.

3. Vine.
Apparently spamming you guys on instagram all the time is not enough and I now feel the need to share the boring details of my (boring) life with you in the form of six second videos. I think my name is Sarah Louise F on Vine. I’m not sure. Despite my desire to be a short filmmaker via Vine, I really actually don’t know how it works. But I know I love it already. Someone teach me, maybe.

4. Baking and decorating cupcakes. 

vegan vanilla spice cakes (gluten free, soy free, nut free, etc)
vegan vanilla spice cakes (gluten free, soy free, nut free, etc)
peanut butter chocolate babes.
peanut butter chocolate babes.

Seriously. For awhile I almost forgot how much I loved spending a day (or  a late night) in the kitchen baking. I have been getting a fair bit of requests for cupcakes for various events, or just general face-stuffing purposes. Do you want some vegan cupcakes? Let me know, because I’ll take any opportunity I can get to swirl some icing onto some cupcakes. Any flavour. LETS GET WEIRD!

5. Graphic Novels
It’s finally starting to feel like summer, and when I am off work for the summer, all I plan to do is ride bikes and read comics and be awesome. I am getting a head start on this and am currently reading Nicole Georges’ Calling Dr. Laura which I picked up at Herbivore! You should do the same, it is seriously wonderful!

THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT I LOVE. I ALSO LOVE THAT IT IS FRIDAY. I am excited to have a chill weekend, visit my favourite restaurant here while my dad is in town and stuff my face with some Father’s Day Brunch (I also love my dad, I guess), spend some time outside, and try not to get bit by a thousand mosquitoes. What are some things that you guys love this week?!?! TELL ME.

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