Gluten Free White Chocolate Pancakes

My city (Calgary) is currently in a state of emergency due to flooding, and I have the Friday off work due to closures. I am safe and sound cuddling my dog, and I trust my fellow Calgarians are safe as well. By updating my blog to talk about awesome pancakes, I hope my local readers (pfffft- no one actually reads this, do they?) don’t feel I’m undermining the capacity of the situation.

That said… WHAT BETTER THINGS DO I HAVE TO DO WITH MY IMPROMPTU LONG WEEKEND WHERE THE MAYOR IS TELLING ME TO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE- THEN TO MAKE PANCAKES AND WATCH ADVENTURE TIME?!?!?! Nothing. That’s what. I was talking to a friend this morning who also made pancakes, which we have now deemed FLOODCAKES. In all seriousness, the most basic of pancakes are actually very easy to make from limited ingredients, so floodcakes seem like perfectly reasonable emergency food.

I have to say…the old Sarah Louise would have panicked to be stuck at home and wanting brunch and ONLY having gluten free flour in the house.  I would have had my very own emergency on my hands. However, the new Sarah Louise, who is actually competent at allergen free baking, said, “No problem. I’ll just make gluten free pancakes. Easy.”

Remember a few months back, when I rambled on about how I felt I could never make a pancake fluffier than PPK’s? Well, this may be true, but I definitely attempted so in making gluten free pancakes. Here’s the recipe:


2 cups gluten-free, all purpose flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
4 tsp baking powder
4 tbsp cane sugar
1 tsp nutmeg
one dash salt

3/4 cup non-dairy milk
2 tsp cider vinegar
1 egg replacer (use ground flax, or ener-g) mixed with necessary water
3/4 cup carbonated mineral water
2 tsp vanilla

Optional: 1 cup vegan white chocolate chips, regular vegan chocolate chips, or whatever else you might think to add.

1. Sift flour and baking powder into large bowls. Mix in other try ingredients (cane sugar, nutmeg, salt)
2. Combine non dairy milk and cider vinegar in bowl and allow to curdle for a couple minutes. Whisk in egg replacer and froth a little.
3. Make a well in dry ingredients and add “milk”, vinegar, and “egg” mixture. Proceed to add carbonated mineral water, and vanilla and mix until no lumps and there is a smooth batter. If too thin, add more flour a tbsp at a time.
4. Fold in chocolate chips if adding. Where did I get my vegan white chocolate chips, you ask?! Why, at Food Fight Grocery  whilst in Portland, of course! You can also purchase the VeganSweets brand online! Nomssssss!
5. Leave this batter to sit for awhile on the counter for about fifteen minutes or so. I adapted this tactic from the aforementioned PPK recipe and it seems to make a difference in the fluffiness of pancakes. Meanwhile, preheat a frying pan on medium heat on your stovetop. Also turn on oven on low heat (about 170) and have a baking sheet ready if you’d like to keep these hot while preparing.
6. Coat pan thinly in oil. Add pancake mixture with 1/3 cup measuring cup per pancake. Cook until you see bubbles on the top and bottom is golden brown (maybe a couple minutes). Flip, and cook other side for about the same amount of time. Place on a baking sheet and store in oven until ready to eat.


I served my pancakes with some unsweetened coconut whipped cream I threw together, agave, and some fresh blueberries. I am curious to know what everyone else loves topping their pancakes with!


Anyways, I am off to go watch more Adventure Time on my laptop while also keeping up with the news, boil some water in case of a boil water advisory, and make sure all my friends are okay. Hope everyone is safe and dry, and for my readers who live elsewhere…adopt me please?!?!? ❤

4 Comments Add yours

  1. marystestkitchen says:

    Vegan white choco chips!?!??!! OMG NEED.

  2. ediblebalance says:

    They look delicious! I totally don’t think you’re undermining the situation. It’s all what you make it at this point, and not everyone is directly affected… we currently don’t have power, but I’m grateful that mu husband and I and our families are safe and still have a home to sleep in. I still can’t believe this is happening!

  3. luminousvegans says:

    Dang, I should have picked up some white chocolate chips when I was in Portland. This looks amazing!

    1. thecozyvegan says:

      You can still order some!! I’m in Canada so it’s trickier for me 🙂

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