Field Trip Fridays: YYC Chinatown

Hi darlings! So, I’ve decided to add something new to my blog which is Field Trip Fridays. I am actually a little behind with this one, because let’s be real…summer makes me a lazy girl.
However, last Friday I had the privelage of visiting my favourite vegan friendly Chinese food joint in down, with my two favourite ladies. Eeeeep!

What is the name of this establishment, you may ask? Zen-e-Lunchbox. Nestled in a little strip mall nook in the heart of Calgary’s tiny Chinatown, this spot has gone by many names in the past. I remember first visiting this space seven years ago (damnit, I’m old) when it was still Veggie House, under different owners. It has been great, bad, and empty, but now I am pleased to tell you it is fantastic.

The folks running Zen-e-Lunchbox are as friendly as they come. In fact, the first time we went, the gentleman insisted I take their ONLY COPY of the menu home with me and I was totally humbled by their friendliness. This time around was no different. Staff were very helpful in identifying our options. Vegans, rejoice. You can have 99% of the items on the menu EXCEPT the chow mein noodles, I’ve verified. These are in fact egg noodles, but if you tell them you are vegan they will happily replace these with any other egg-free noodle you would like.

We were hungry girls, so we decided to share a few items. What we decided on were tofu spring rolls….

20130712-161443.jpgVegan ginger beef…

20130712-161418.jpgand Sweet and Sour Pork on rice…


You will see these photos in the gallery below, as well as a copy of the current menu and photos of Zen-e itself! These dishes pleased my palate, as well as the palate of my lovely omni friends. I would highly recommend paying these folks a visit! Especially if you like delicious deep fried Chinese food goodness and starchy noodles. Health food vegans, no offence, but maybe bypass this one if you hate fun.

Chinatown is very accessible via Calgary Transit, cycling paths (if they aren’t torn up by the floods still), etc. However, if you have the time I recommend walking over from Bridgeland! This is where we met up to walk on over, to get a little bit of a stroll along the river in. You will also see in pictures that we managed a visit to Stumptown (inside Luke’s IDA which is totally a vegan snack mecca these days).

Anyways, I hope you check out my favourite little spot in Chinatown for yourselves. I am currently in Edmonton and will post my food-ventures when I get home! Cheers! ❤

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  1. I ❤ this! Zen-E is soooo good

  2. Why have I not tried this place yet!

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