Mac n Cheese Mondays: When Comfort Foods Collide

MAC AND NOT CHEESE MONDAYS are seriously getting to be my favourite day. Last week I was a total grown up and made my mac all pretty and fancy and included ARTICHOKES. This week, I wish to profess my love for Veganomicon’s vegan Mac Daddy Cheese Sauce.

I have never actually made the full recipe and actually just kind of know this cheese sauce recipe by heart, but there are a couple things I really like about it. It’s super simple and you really don’t need a lot of stuff in your pantry to scrape by and make this recipe. IF YOU’RE A REAL VEGAN AND KEEP VEGGIE BOUILLON AND NUTRITIONAL YEAST IN YOUR CUPBOARDS ALWAYS. BECAUSE WHAT KIND OF MONSTER WOULD YOU BE OTHERWISE?!?!?! It requires no strange vegan cheeses, and no non dairy milk or margarine if you happen to be running low. Also, it’s full of flavour and even though I only ever need half the sauce recipe for my mac, I always save the rest to make nachos and so forth later.

So, the recipe for the cheese sauce can be found here. From there, I combined half of the mixture with some cooked elbow macaroni, and honestly just threw some roasted brussel sprouts on top. I really have no recipe to give you, because sometimes on Mondays I am lazy and I just want to throw my favourite comfort foods together! What would be your favourite thing to throw on top of MAC AND NOT CHEESE!!?!?

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  1. This mac n cheeze monday is also becoming my favorite day! And what do I like to throw on top…? It may sounds strange, but I love parsley or baked onion with mac n cheeze.

    1. thecozyvegan says:

      Yummmm I will have to try that sometime! Mmmmm Mac n cheese

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