Warm and Cozy Wednesday (No Recipe, Just Amazingness)

EEEEEEE! After toooo many sweltering September days, we finally had a rainy one, and I’m pretty thrilled.
I spent all last night trying to decide which sweater I was going to wear for the chilly forecast today. I decided on this owly:

After a day inside at work, I met my mum, and took her for cozy soy milk drinks at Starbucks which also ruled. On another note, I’m super stoked that Starbucks has the pumpkin flavoured Via back in stock, since we poor suckers cannot indulge in the pumpkin spice lattes. :
Later, I came home to a pot of quinoa, sweet potato, and black bean chilli that my amazing roomie had crafted from a recipe on pinterest!

1235465_10150325014634991_1092290734_nWhile I was already pretty full, I had a couple bites and it was FANTASTIC GUYS. The quinoa does a great job of sucking up extra moisture where TVP or something would usually come in handy. Definitely packing some in my lunch tomorrow! If anyone wants, I’ll ask her for the recipe on Pinterest and report back to you. It’s even gluten free ❤
1233353_10150325014614991_1234708257_nNow, I am all cozied up in my favourite VEGAN socks that I brought home from my Portland trip earlier this year, and about to enjoy last night’s episode of Whose Line is it Anyways!

Keep cozy! ❤

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  1. mandyemais says:

    I sent you an e-mail 🙂

    OMG I love owls and Starbucks too!

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