Field Trip Friday: Desserts and Share Plates in YYC

Hi lovelies!

Eeeeeep I’m being sneaky and posting my Field Trip Friday late because I have been a busy busy bee. I don’t know if I’ve really talked to you guys about this, but I am not really into drinking at all. There have been times where I have been pretty into craft brews or mixing drinks because they taste good or something. But I have never been into succumbing to the social pressures of going out and getting “waaaaaasted” because that sounds gross to me and I would way rather stay at home and marathon Arrested Development and cook myself delicious food instead.

So, when I actually leave the house to catch up with friends, it’s sometimes a little difficult to figure out fun things to get up to that aren’t eating an entire meal (because I cook so much at home to blog for you guys anyways), or being stuck in a pub.

I guess Thursday wasn’t necessarily Friday, but I was really craving ice cream so decided to the little gem, Village Ice Cream, where they usually have one seasonal coconut milk vegan ice cream, and one sorbet. I usually check in advance about what the option is, and this time it was a Chili Chocolate ice cream! They are also open fairly late!
However, after ice cream we were COLD and actually realized neither my friend or I had eaten any real food, so we back tracked to her neighbourhood, Bridgeland, and hung out at Deville for a little bit! There, we ordered some cheeseless-bruschetta, white truffle hummus, and some teas. Deville is great because it’s like a cafe/winebar/also serves decent food, though not a tonnnn of vegan options. I went to a Yelp Elite party there once though and they treated my vegan needs like gold, so I’m always excited to go back. 🙂


On Friday, my dear friend was in town from Toronto and I missed her so much I snatched her right up to hang out! We decided to visit The Meet, which is the lounge attached to The Coup. Usually, folks end up waiting in The Meet before they get a table which makes it a busy place, but since we just wanted some sips and dessert, we elected to lounge over on that side. I decided to eat TWO CHOCOLATE DESSERTS TWO DAYS IN A ROW and had the vegan chocolate torte. Something cute about here is that they have drinks with titles such as “The Pimp,” and “The Clockwork Orange.” However, for the folks who don’t like to drink like myself, they also rule at soy chai lattes, so I drank mine right up.
I should note that Claire and I also were both wearing stripes and engaged in a wonderful Blink 182 sing along on the drive home!

There you have it- a couple options for those out and about in Calgary on a Friday night who feel like enjoying the vibrancy of the community, without having to yell over the table at a pub or stumbling into a cab to get home. 🙂

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