Field Trip Fridays: Hearts Choices Calgary

One of my favourite thing to do when I have a Friday or Saturday off, is visit one of my local Farmer’s Markets. One of Calgary’s most bustling markets in particular, is called the Calgary Farmers Market. Original, I know.

There are many obvious things that come to mind when I think of the Farmer’s Market that I often pick up, such as preserves, pickled everything, jams, and fresh produce. However, something special about the Calgary Farmer’s Market is a little nook called Hearts Choices.


This vendor specializes in tasty Chinese and Thai style mock meats, frozen curries and sauces, etc. Everything at Hearts Choices is completely vegetarian, and a lot of it is vegan, which is clearly labelled. I come here every so often to stock up my fridge with some of my favourite items, such as the Vegan Kung Pao “Chicken”, Peppered “Beef” Steaks, and Citrus “Spareribs.”


I have sampled the curries and they are delightful, but only recently did I try the Yellow Curry at home. I was sick with a cold and my lovely roomie offered me some of Nan’s Yellow Curry she had tucked away in the freezer, and it gave me warm fuzzies and felt like home. 

I have obviously listed some of my favourites, but if you have any doubts about which of their products you would like to take home, they offer like a million samples, guys. I have tried most of their vegan offerings (some are just vegetarian), but everytime I pop by I can’t help but treat myself to a sample of Nan’s curry or a citrus sparerib. 

To top it all off, the staff is always delightful. I enjoy my run ins so much with Nan that one time I even felt compelled to bring them chocolate cupcakes when I knew I was going to the Farmer’s Market anyways. I can count the number of Calgarian small businesses I love that much on like one hand (if any of you are actually reading this, don’t worry, you’re one of them probably).

The lovely folks of Hearts Choices
The lovely folks of Hearts Choices

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  1. Michelle says:

    Yum! Lived in Calgary for two years and I LOVE this vendor ❤

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