Chai Spice Hot Chocolate

Vegan friendsssss! Hope everyone is doing well! The past couple months have brought forth a lot of changes for me on different levels, but things are finally beginning to settle. Edmonton is winter fell, which means beautiful snow (fucking up the way everyone drives), and more quiet nights, mostly spent inside.

Recently, Blue Rose Vegan has collaborated with Long Lost Foods to create a snack box of epic proportions. Pretty much, on a biweekly basis, Edmonton folks can order a box full of delicious snacks, handcrafted by our two companies. The first box went so quickly, and I’m really grateful to live in such a growing and supportive vegan community. While this project *might* work anywhere else, I am bias in that I believe I’m working with and have the support of all the best folks.

One of my favourite things that I contributed to the snack box last week as a spiced instant hot chocolate mix. The below recipe makes about enough to fill a decent sized mason jar…I’d say at least 12-15 servings. You can make less if you feel by halfing the recipe and it would be fine, but who wants to live in a world of less hot chocolate?!

Chai Spice Hot Chocolate Mix

170 grams dark chocolate (About 2 bars. My favourite vegan selections include Theo, Terra Nostra, Cocoa Camino)
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3 tbsp cane sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 pinch each of cardamom, ginger

Seriously, the only instruction is to pretty much throw all of this goodness into the food processor, until the chocolate has dwindled down into nothingness, and everything looks a little bit *powdered*.

I like to use a tbsp of this mix per cup of soy/almond/coconut/Portlandia milk, stirring on medium heat until it’s an appropriate drinking temperature.  You can drop the chai spices altogether if it’s not your style, although I do feel the cinnamon really suits this recipe at least. Also, I recently discovered coconut whip IN AN AEROSOL CAN not long ago, so this is particularly delicious with this.


We have also determined during *~quality testing*~ in the kitchen that this hot chocolate goes quite well with The X-Files on a cold day. I feel Mulder and Scully would totally approve.


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  1. Jamie Hunter says:

    Thank you!! I have been searching for a good vegan instant hot chocolate mix. Definitely making this very very soon!

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