Field Trip Fridays!!!! YEG Chinatown!

Lovelies! I haven’t had a solid Field Trip Friday in forever, and 2015 is going to be all about being rad and doing whatever I want all the time. Which happened to be a field trip today.

It’s been quiet times the past week with the holidays, but after a sleepy New Year’s day of mimosa’s and Hannibal curled up in my apartment, I was ready for an adventure today before getting into the Blue Rose kitchen to do SNACK ATTACKS.

Dwelling downtown here in Edmonton, I’ve been exploring Chinatown more and more. I’ve been enjoying some of the rad grocery stores here, and am a regular at a couple vegan friendly restaurants.

oh hai heres some n00dz. i frickin love chow mien!
oh hai heres some n00dz. i frickin love chow mien!

Today my lovely friend took me to 99 Supermarket! There was so much rad stuff! I scored some cashews and baking ingredients, as well as some veggies and VEGAN CHOW MEIN NOODLES, which I obviously brought home tonight to make all the n00dz duh.


so many treats ❤

There were definitely a wide variety of vegan treats at this market….the biggest tofu selection I’ve seen in a long time, milk alternatives, a huge frozen section, and of course all the staples and cheap (and extensive) produce! This is definitely going to be my new favourite stop.


We also took a stop for lunch at Veggie Garden, my current favourite place for eats in Edmonton. I am a regular for takeout on Friday nights here. I love taking home my vermicelli bowls and ginger beef and nomming out in front of X-Files. However, today was soooooooo cold outside, so we stopped in for some salad rolls and slurps. I have never been disappointed by the food at Veggie Garden, and the owners are so sweet I want to explode.

salad rolls with the best peanut sauce ❤



vegan tom yum with broccoli
vegan tom yum with broccoli

The above are what we nonmed on today, but other items I’ve tried and can recommend are the curry, cilantro cakes (especially ordered alongside the curry and dipped in it), the “chicken”
vermicelli bowl with spring rolls, ginger beef (not on the menu, but will make it if you ask), and pretty much all the soupy slurps. So into them. In case you were wondering, my giant bowl of Tom Yum today was $8, so it’s excellent for eating on the cheap. Love you Veggie Garden!



we ate their heads.
we ate their heads.

On the way back to the kitchen, we also discovered vegan dark chocolate snowmen by Barkley’s at SaveOn, so there were those and I need to share because they’re adorable. Pretty much life in Edmonton is ruling, and there are so many good vegan options. I have a few other field trips to share with you, so stay tuned for another one next week ❤

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