Things I Love Thursday: C.R.E.A.M (Chocolate Rules Everything Around Me)

Oh hiiiii pals! It’s time for another THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY.
I have sung high praises about chocolate for TILT before, but this is a super special one. My friends over at Cococo Chocolatiers, owners of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut® recently contacted me, and hooked me up with some awesome treats.

Here I can be seen nestling a box of chocolates into my cowl scarf like only a true chocolate lover would.

12092402_10150607256214991_1840211126_nMy little parcel of chocolate joy arrived in the mail yesterday, and I swear the post office has never seen someone so amped to pick up a package. CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE! Included in my package were a Copper Box filled with vegan friendly loose chocolates in coincidentally adorable botanical shapes (which would make a gorgeous gift), a small Semi-Sweet Turkey, an Oregano Fusion Bar (which I have not tried yet, but will likely make for a great hot chocolate), and a Dark Chocolate Hazelnut bar.

While I am super stoked on all of my goodies, one item that particularly spoke to me was the Semi-Sweet Turkey, which is a seasonal item available only during the holidays! I had the dark chocolate option, of course. Cococo®’s dark chocolate products are absolutely to die for, so it should come as no surprise that this chocolate turkey was equally delicious.

I am trying to savour my little turkey, and have so far only eaten its tail. Is it weird for vegans to eat something animal shaped that isn’t an actual animal? Have we discussed animal crackers before? WHAT’S THAT WORD AGAIN?! IRONY? MAYBE. BUT IT’S RATHER DELICIOUS IRONY, I GUESS.

My turkey that I was sent, was of the darker variety ❤

Wouldn’t this be such a sassy and delightful thing to serve to your guests for dinner?! Move over lentil walnut loaf, and tofurkey varations, WE HAVE A CHOCOLATE ALTERNATIVE IN TOWN. I am seriously considering picking up a half dozen of these and serving them alongside mashed potatoes, stuffing, and vegan gravy just to be a sassafrass.

For anyone interested in snatching up these adorbs cruelty-free turkeys, they are available in-store at locations across Canada. AND I’M LETTING YOU KNOW JUST IN TIME FOR THAT BEIGE FOOD HOLIDAY SOME FOLKS CELEBRATE. Because darlings, that’s just the type of friend I am.

I have also already scarfed down my hazelnut chocolate bar which was A++, and am waiting for a special occasion to take out my Copper Box, which if you have a store near you, would be a very solid gift option. You can hand pick your varieties so you can ensure a vegan only selection, and prices vary on the amount you choose!

You can browse Cococo Chocolatiers, owners of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut®’s products at for the items that I’ve mentioned above! I have scoped their allergen information, and they have many specifically vegan options beyond what I was sent this week! Definitely give this a look and keep them in mind while shopping for all of your seasonal treats and baking ingredients! And thank you Cococo Chocolatiers, owners of Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut® for giving me the means to eat chocolate for dinner on a Thursday. 🙂

botanical babezzzz found in the copper box
botanical babezzzz found in the copper box

Full disclaimer, I received these treats in exchange for an honest review. But I 100% promise I take chocolate incredibly seriously, and would never lie or mislead my loyal pals about quality products. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to come over and watch me devour the rest of my chocolate turkey for dinner. I DARE YOU.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    WOW! These look perfect! The ones in the copper box! LOVE the smile photo up top, too!

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