TREAT YOSELF TUESDAY; bath bombs, ho-cho, embroidery, oh my!

Happy TREAT YOSELF TUESDAY, darlings. It already seems like it’s been such a long week, but mostly because I have tried to pack everything in before I visit some FAM JAM AND PALS AND EAT SOME DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD in Calgary tomorrow! That said, I’m NEVER too busy for self care, and here are some ways that I am totes worshipping my rad self this week. Would love to hear yours! ❤


Yesterday, it was established that one of my dearest and I were celebrating our 5th friendiversary, according to Facebook. While we live far apart currently, every once in awhile we will text each other “ho cho?!” and have a hot chocolate date via text. Last night was another ho-cho date, and I stepped up my game a little bit to include hazelnut Frangelico (which is totes vegan btw). Furthermore, I drank my ho-cho in my favourite giant owl mug from my grams, in the bathtub, BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT.

2. Speaking of baths…..

I have these amazing new favourite bath bombs. While visiting my friends at the farmer’s market a month or so ago, they introduced me to an amazing vendor, Zombomb, who happens to make completely vegan bath products! Not only is Kathy the sweetest ever on the planet, but she makes cute zombie puns while also creating some of the yummiest bath bomb flavours! At 3/$10, I love these because they are a fun treat I can afford to stock myself up with on a regular basis, and I get to try so many! So far, my favourites have been the nutmeg, green tea, and the mint chocolate chip! I have already gifted quite a few of these, but with the holidays coming up I really look forward to shopping from Zombomb some more for my loved ones! Visit at Old Strathcona farmer’s market in Edmonton on Saturdays, or scope her website here!


I have been trying to set aside actual real time to get a little craftier, now that it’s time to bundle up and hide. Over the weekend I was cleaning, and came across some babely scrap fabrics. I decided that I would stretch some over embroidery hoops, and come up with a series of  little phrases, some sassy and some not, to stitch into them. I’m really excited to practice my embroidery skills and get a little better!

4. Solo kitchen vibes with good music

Things have been quiet in the Blue Rose kitchen space recently, so I’ve been taking full advantage and revisiting some albums I haven’t heard recently, loudly. This week was The Menzingers- On The Impossible Past. I also tweeted about it this week and totes fangirled when they texted me some peace signs back. So that’s that.

5. Cute nails
K, ever since I figured out that some “shellac” polishes are vegan, I’m now obsessed. Here are my nails as witnessed at Public Square Cafe with my pals sipping tea. THEY MATCH THE CUP.


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