Field Trip Fridays Ft. New Favourite Pho in YYC, visit to Canmore

Oh hiiiii. Today is Saturday, but I hope that you’ll allow me to post this Field Trip Friday a day late and we can still be friends and all that good stuff. So, who is totally wrapped up in the holidays?! I am actually not so much, except for this next week will be busy as hell until I can relax again.

Over the last month I’ve managed to get to Calgary for a visit or two! Over that time, I’ve managed to get to the mountains with my family for some good trail walks and a visit to Communitea. Back when I lived in Calgary and had weird hours with school and work, I would usually take a weekday a couple times a month, and drive up for a visit. With dependable wifi, a plethora of teas to choose from, and pretty window views, it was enough to keep me there for a couple hours studying, catching up on recipe writing, or with a good book.

Also, whenever it was a special occasion with family, I would always choose Canmore for a good hike and a stop for tea and lunch. This is what we did last month, though the “special occasion” was really just the first time I’d been able to visit in forever, and everyone was free!


It was kind of a colder, sniffly-ish week that resulted in snow by the time I was driving home (of course). So, in the spirit of just enjoying my favourite cold weather things, I also joined some lovely friends for pho during my visit!

We visited Tamirind (The Vietnamese Grill and Noodle House, not to be mistaken with the also awesome Indian food place), which in the past year or so (I believe), made the switch completely from being a vegan friendly omni place, to COMPLETELY VEGAN. I FUCKING LOVE WHEN RESTAURANTS DO THIS. IT’S LIKE “HEY, WE KNOW YOU ALREADY LOVE US, AND NOW WE WANT TO MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO BE LESS SHITTY TO ANIMALS, ETC., AND WE’RE SO CONFIDENT IN OUR VEGAN OPTIONS WE KNOW YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.” FUCK YESSSSSSS.

I know everyone reading is a huge fan of my cursing mouth, but I’m going to stop now to show you a picture of my new favourite soup, the Pho Tau Hu Sate (Sate Tofu Noodle soup). Do you see those babely tofus?! THOSE ARE HOUSE MADE. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY THE BEST TOFUS I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY SOUP.

Do you notice how I’ve posted two pictures of the Pho Tau Hu Sate above? That’s actually because I loved it so much I had to go back to enjoy it a SECOND TIME during another short visit. I am a creature of habit in that once I find something I love, I tend to want to stick to it again and again. However, during my last visit with a friend, they had the Bun Ca Ri (Curry Noodle Soup) and it also looked fucking incredible. It’s a little spot, so if you choose to visit during peak hours such as lunch, or dinnertime on a weekend, you might consider being flexible. There are about five tables total, so you may consider takeout as a contingency plan. The service is courteous, and quick, which is how I like things. I am a little too awkward to carry on a conversation when I’m just trying to slurp pho without getting it all over my shirt, so this is perfect for me.

The staff also handled the nightmare-over-priveleged-ignorant-white-lady-from-hell and her thousand questions quite well when I was there. Her obnoxiousness srsly ruined my ability to fully enjoy the quiet ambience that Tamirind usually possesses, but that is not on them. Also, it’s kind of fun to see the look on non-vegan people’s faces when they finally realize the menu is completely vegetarian. And then they stay. AND THEN THEY LOVE IT.

I would 100% recommend Tamirind. A++ would slurp again. It has actually climbed to #1 on my Calgary Pho chart (which is like the radio’s TOP 40 CHARTS but actually good). I definitely recommend that anyone who has the means to visit, goes! And maybe score me a brick or two of that babely tofu because holy geez.

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