Crispy Waffle Iron Hashbrowns

I’m sure you all know now by my NUMEROUS waffle posts on the blog and Instagram, that my waffle iron is bae. I honestly can’t think of any small appliance (except for possibly the tea kettle) that I use as much as my waffle iron.

I have been ogling over all the things I can make with my fave appliance (aside from actual waffles duh) and one of the things that has most caught my eyes are hash browns on the waffle iron. I have seen a couple hacks involving pre made frozen hash browns or tots, but I am pretty into that DIY life and not so much into all the other shitty ingredients that they sometimes include (i.e.- beef fat), so I did it my way.

This recipe should make 4 hash-waffles depending on the size of your waffle iron. Aside from (obviously) needing a waffle iron, you’ll also want a box grater for your potatoes. The vegan cheese shreds are probably optional but I OBVIOUSLY recommend having them.


4 large yellow potatoes, peeled
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup melted vegan margarine
1/2 cup vegan cheese shreds (I used Earth Island)
1/2 cup green onions
1/4 cup flour (to make these gluten free *~blegh but I love gluten*~, you may use potato or corn starch)
1 tsp salt

1. Oil your waffle iron and let it heat up completely.
2. Line a bowl with one sheet of cheesecloth, and grate your potatoes (with a box grater into the cheesecloth.
3. Folding the potatoes into a little cheesecloth bundle, lift out of the bowl, and give it a really good squeeze to dry out your potato shreds and remove the starchy liquid.
4. Place back in bowl, and add all remaining ingredients but the flour or starch.
5. Add only as much flour/starch (but up to 1/4 cup) as you need to kind of bind your potato mixture together.
6. Cook by 1/2 cup at a time. Place this lump of batter in the middle of the iron, and pat down a little. It will not take up the whole iron, but will spread a bit. You don’t want to spread it out too thin as our goal is for it to cook evenly.
7. Try to be patient and don’t play with it too much! You will know it’s ready when you are able to open the waffle maker without anything sticking to the top, and the outside is golden and crispy.

ENJOY THE FUCK OUT OF THIS DELICIOUS THING THAT TASTES LIKE A GIANT CHEESY FRENCH FRY. I ate mine with tofu scramble and ketchup and it was A+++.

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  1. vegansido says:

    Hello Cozy! Great recipe . I have tried this in the evening at tea time as a supper. This is quite good and yummy.Me and my family liked it very much. It is also very easy to prepare.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heather Yourex-West says:

    Hi there, I’m a reporter from Calgary and would like to get in touch with you. I tried sending you an e-mail but it bounced. Can you send me an e-mail please at ? Thanks!

  3. Looks amaze-balls! Love it.

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