Hi, I’m Sarah Louise! I live in Edmonton. In my best form, I would describe myself as an entrepreneur and local food educator. One time though, while catering an event, a drunk guy called me an “arrogant little girl” and that one really stuck ever since. (This was also the first time I was ever noted as a “chef” on press materials).

I run a small vegan baking company called Blue Rose Baking Co., and also founded Edmonton’s first vegan snack box, YEGSNACKS, with pals. Lately, though, I really like to focus on connecting with my community and teaching classes through the City of Edmonton and The Pan Tree, in Sherwood Park. I’m also a contributor once in awhile for my friend’s rad magazine called T.O.F.U! Also, once upon a time, I used to share recipes on this website. It was formally known as THE COZY VEGAN, but I decided it was time for a rebrand.

While I’ve always loved being part of the global vegan community, lately, I’ve found some problems with us. Even in the best of times, our movement can be a little one dimensional. In my time as a blogger, and local entrepreneur, I’ve experienced lots of real cool and good vegan folks. However, I’ve also experienced vegans who are racist. I’ve experienced vegans who body shame each other. I’ve experienced vegans who are too privileged to see that this is NOT an accessible or attainable life style for every one. So, I guess I wanted to step back a little bit, and make my focus a little less one dimensional too. I lost passion writing only recipes, and I’m hoping that sarahlouiseaf.com will be a place where I can still share these, but also create discussion amongst my peers about other general goings on, show off pictures of my dogs, talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, share my favourite forms of consumerism (because ugh capitalism is a thing and no one is perfect), and just kind of be.


  1. Thank you – I appreciate that! Celeste 🙂

  2. thecozyvegan says:

    You have no idea how much that melts my heart! I look forward to reading your blog darlin 🙂

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