Things I Love Thursday: The Chocolate Edition…

As all of you know by now, I can never say no to a delicious slice of chocolate cake, good quality chocolate bar, or truth be told, even something that smells like chocolate. So, this Things I Love Thursday is dedicated to all the chocolate things that I love. Starting with…


1. My chocolate goodies from Whole Foods!
This entry has been a long time coming as Whole Foods sent me a few chocolate treats just last month. This little box included one Chocolate Almond Coconut Kit’s Organic fruit and nut bar, a giant bottle of Fox’s All Natural Chocolate Syrup, and a bag of Harrison’s Bittersweet Chocolate Chips!

I actually had no idea that Clif recently came out with these Kit’s Organic bars as I haven’t seen them around much. While my favourite Clif bars are still the vanilla almond builder’s bars, I was quite pleased with these bars as well. They are a stripped down bar that I would definitely eat on the go- I’m pretty sure the only ingredients were dates, cocoa powder, almonds, and coconut! Think fancy LARA bars or something. Totally down for this- though I wouldn’t call it an indulgence bar, just a healthy snack I would carry around in my purse!

I also baked some muffins with the Harrison’s! They turned out alright, but the chocolate chips actually didn’t melt as well as I have seen other chocolate melt. I tried them in another recipe as well and experienced the same thing. However, I am still totally down for eating these chocolate chips out of the bag and they are delicious.

Perhaps my favourite item of the bunch was the chocolate syrup! I could seriously drink this stuff (but I won’t). I first made a couple tea lattes with this as a sweetener instead of the agave I would normally use it. Since then we have enjoyed it on waffles, desserts, etc! Definitely a treat. And so lovely to enjoy a Fair Trade alternative to some of the other chocolate syrup products on the market, which are usually accidentally vegan and not intentionally anyways. So into it!


Also, M.’s dad is the best, so on top of these chocolate treats I received in the mail from Whole Foods, he also brought me home a jar of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter while travelling back up north, among other goodies. Needless to say, I have chosen not to write any sort of recipe with this stuff and just eat it by the spoon pretty much!

2. Baking with chocolate. 
As the date approaches for Blue Rose Baking Co. to debut at Edmonton’s farmer’s markets, I have been enjoying a lot of baking. ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE THINGS!
Pictured below are some chocolate cupcakes I recently did for an event, and then some Boston Coconut Cream donuts I’ve been experimenting with!





I first received this in my VVC 2013 swag bag and recently found my half-gone tub of it the other day. HOLY DAMN THIS STUFF IS GOOD AND SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. It must be the cocoa butter. I love slathering this all over my dry elephant like elbows and am totally excited to buy another few tubs of it soon! The lip balm is amazing too 🙂

There we have it- some of my favourite Chocolate things for this week! I have some other fun things to talk about this weekend, so will be back to say hi to all of you dears sooner than later! Totally missing on my blog but hope you guys are having rad times! What are your favourite chocolate things?!

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  1. benevolentvegan says:

    I wish I had some of the chocolate hazelnut butter right now. I’m a big fan of all things chocolate. This post made me hungry for it.

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