Getting Cozy for the Holidays With Whole Foods

It was a rainy day in Oregon when I fell head over heels for Whole Foods. Seeking out a quick lunch and some treats to smuggle in my suitcase home to Canada, I stumbled on into Whole Foods. This being my first time walking through the aisles of a Whole Foods, I wandered around amazed, marvelling at the million vegan cheese options, filling my arms with seitan bacon, vegan peanut butter cups, macaroons, uncheeses I’d never tried, ALL BECAUSE I COULD NEVER SURVIVE WITHOUT THEM “BACK HOME” NOW THAT I KNEW THEY EXISTED.

In the past few months since I’ve been exposed to Whole Foods’ sorcery, I’ve been pining for them to expand to my desolate Alberta homeland with no avail. So, when I received an email from their lovely marketing folks asking me to sample some of their vegan friendly products for the holidays, I was ecstatic!

Being that I don’t live anywhere near a Whole Foods, their amazing team agreed to ship a package directly to me. While I envisioned a couple festive snacks in a box, I was blown away that they actually chose to send over a ton of non-dairy holiday “milks,” and that they actually lasted the trip over! I did a little dance as I opened up the box, the contents of which included So Delicious Holiday Nogs(Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Mint), WestSoy Peppermint Stick soy beverage,  Califia Farms Holiday Nog (sooo stoked as I have never seen this brand in Canada), and even some freeze dried pumpkin to snack on!


Each of these options are delightful and festive. The chocolate mint varieties are delicious heated up as cozy hot chocolate, which I enjoyed almost immediately upon opening my box up!


  M and I also replaced the soy milk in my french toast recipe with Pumpkin Spice coconut milk which was amaaaazing(his idea, not even mine)! I am hoarding most of the Califia Farms nog for some holiday baking I have planned (stay tuned for almond nog donuts), but it tastes amazing as well!!


Not only does Whole Foods carry these festive seasonal beverages to keep you nice and cozy throughout the holiday season, but they are also a fantastic resource for all things vegan that you could require for family get togethers! Since I was a young fledgling vegan, my family has always celebrated with a Tofurkey Roast, totally available at Whole Foods. They also carry the ever popular Garden Savory Stuffed Turk’y and Meatless Holiday Roasts, which will appease anyone at your table- vegans and omnivores alike! Serve these alongside some babely roasted root vegetables and your favourite greens and you have yourself a stand up holiday meal. Seriously guys.

That's Tofurkey Roast on my plate from last year's Festivus dinner.
That’s Tofurkey Roast on my plate from last year’s Festivus dinner.

And if you’re not too full after that, they carry a variety delicious snacks that will make this little lady jealous. My picks would totally be cinnamon and almond Earth Balance popped corn drizzled with dark chocolate, some Caramel Sea Salt Hail Merry Macaroons, and some sugar cookies made with Califia Farms amazing pseudo egg nog they’ve got goin’ on.

BUT WHY AM I TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT WHOLE FOODS WHEN I DON’T EVEN HAVE ONE WHERE I LIVE, you may ask?! Well, because we have paired up for a rad give-away! Alongside my delicious bevvies, Whole Foods has also sent me a $25 gift certificate to share with one of you darlings who can actually use it (jealous)! This means you can pick up some of these delicious goodies yourselves. From now until December 12th, if you share this post via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (directing it back to @thecozyvegan) and let me know what vegan treats you plan to nom on over the holidays, your name will be entered in a draw. This is a pretty easy way to score some awesome free noms, so I hope you all have a nearby Whole Foods to patronize. Good luck darlings! xo


Friendly Disclaimer: The products featured in this blog entry were provided by a lovely representative of Whole Foods for editorial consideration. However, any review at The Cozy Vegan is totes unbiased and honest, and with integrity I would never post a favourable review unless I believed it was deserved. Now, eat some delicious holiday noms and enter my giveaway!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    I miss Whole Foods so much – the nearest one in 5+ hours away! When I’m home for the holidays I plan on stocking up!

  2. meli-mello says:

    The first time I went to Whole Foods I was visiting my best friend in Berkeley on my way to a conference in Kansas City (not exactly a stop-over, I know). I had to buy a Whole Foods shopping bag and people kept giving me funny looks as I schlepped all my goodies on the plane and through the Denver airport. That bag was so heavy but so worth it. I still have the bag and people here in Calgary have often stopped me to ask if we have a Whole Foods nearby. Sadly, no.

    Not entirely unrelated: I’ve been making my daughters Pumpkin Spice Lattes with some pumpkin spice rooibos tea I found and soy milk but I bet they would squeal like little girls (which they are) if I could get my hands on that pumpkin spice coconut milk. I wonder if we can get that around here?

  3. healthyhohme says:

    I will have to search high and low for that almond-nog! yum!

  4. veganismz says:

    Waaaah, these look so good! Nom nom nom.

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